Generally, a woman gives birth to a baby smoothly, as having a full-time pregnancy and going through labour pain and giving birth to a healthy baby, and after 2-3 days being discharged from a Hospital. But due to some unwanted reasons, pregnancy becomes complex, which is called High-risk Pregnancy. Pregnancy is considered high risk when it makes complications for both between Mother and Fetus. Dr. Manju Chawla is a specialist for High-risk Pregnancy in Indore, having the practice of more than 9 years being a Gynecologist in Indore. She is performing High-risk Pregnancy in Indore with Dr. Sudhir Chawla.

Factors cause High-risk Pregnancy :

  • Current Health circumstances:-if you are having high Bblood Pressure, Diabetic or HIV-Positive there are chances of it.
  • Overweight and Obesity. Obesity raises the Danger of high Blood Pressure, Gestational Diabetes, Neural Tube defects, and Cesarean delivery. A study has found that Obesity can increase infants’ risk of heart troubles at birth by 15%.
  • Multiple Births. The possibility of difficulty is much in women carrying more than one Fetus (twins and more). Ordinary complications include Preeclampsia, Pre- mature labour, and Preterm Birth. Pregnancy in Teens and Women age 33 or more raise the danger for Preeclampsia and Gestational high Blood Pressure.
  • Alcohol use & Cigarette Smoking :-Alcohol consumed during Pregnancy passes directly to the Fetus through the Umbilical cord. Dr. Manju Chawla recommends that women avoid Alcoholic beverages during pregnancy before and after giving birth to a new one. Women who drink are more liable to a miscarriage or stillbirth. Other risks like birth defects. Smoking during pregnancy puts the Fetus at risk for Pre- term Birth, certain Birth defects, and sudden infant death syndrome it also puts a woman and her developing Fetus at increased risk for Health problems.

Preventing high-risk pregnancy :

  • Get proper immunizations time to time to keep both Mother and Child health.
  • Eat healthily and maintain proper weight by going exercise as recommended.
  • Don’t drink Alcohol and smoke Cigarette to have the smooth delivery.
  • Visit the Doctor regularly.

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