There are some conditions when there is inflammation, dryness, and thinning of the vaginal walls which are known as PostMenopausal Problems. They generally occur most often after menopause. Dr. Manju Chawla is recommended a surgeon for the PostMenopausal Problem in Indore, having an experience of 9 years in Gynecology. She is performing treatment for PostMenopausal problems in Indore, with complete care.

Symptoms of the postmenopausal problem :

  • Vaginal dryness.
  • Vaginal burning.
  • Vaginal free.
  • Genital itch.
  • Burning with urination.
  • The need for urination.
  • More urinary area infection.
  • Urinary irregularity.
  • Light bleeding following intercourse.
  • Uneasiness with intercourse.
  • The decline in vaginal lubrication throughout sexual activity.
  • Cut and contraction of the vaginal canal.

Treatment of PostMenopausal problem :

  • Vaginal moisturizer: to return some wetness to your vaginal area. You may have to apply the moisturizer every three to four days. The things of a moisturizer usually last a small longer than those of a lubricant.
  • Water-based lubricant: to reduce uneasiness during intercourse. Choose products that don’t have glycerin as women who are responsive to this chemical may experience burning and irritation.
  • Vaginal estrogen: Vaginal estrogen has the benefit of being valued at a lower quantity and preventive you’re in general experience to estrogen because fewer arrive at your bloodstream.
  • Topical estrogen
  • Vaginal estrogen treatment comes in more than a few forms. Because they all appear to work evenly well.
  • Vaginal estrogen cream: put in this cream straight into your vagina with an applicator, usually at bedtime. Even if creams may suggest faster relief than do other outlines of vaginal estrogen, they can be messier.
  • Vaginal estrogen ring: You put in a soft, flexible ring interested in the upper area of the vagina. The ring discharges a dependable dose of estrogen while in place and wants to be restored about every two months. Many women like the ease this offers.

Systemic estrogen therapy :

If vaginal dryness is connected with other symptoms of menopause, we may propose estrogen pills, patches or gel, or a superior dose estrogen ring.

We will prescribe progestin the length of with estrogen if you haven’t had your uterus detached. Oral progesterone, which is chemically the same to the hormone your body creates, is often preferred. The mixture of estrogen-progestin patches also is offered.

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