There are some situations in women when the muscles that help the organs in the women pelvic areas get the decline. This makes urethra, uterus or bladder to fall down to vagina it is called Prolapse. Dr. Manju Chawla performs diagnosis of prolapse in Indore. As she is the Best Prolapse Surgeon in Indore, with help of latest technology and wide team support helps you to recover over Prolapse. Prolapse surgery is done with minimum hurt.

Symptoms of Prolapse :

  • A sensation of saturation in the vagina.
  • A swelling at the hole of the vagina.
  • A sense of solidity or stress in the pelvis.
  • Achy soreness in your inferior rear that gets enhanced when you lie behind.
  • A want to urinate more often than usual.
  • The problem having a total bowel progress or emptying your bladder.
  • Regular bladder infections.
  • Irregular bleeding from the vagina.
  • The leak of urine when you a cough, sneeze, laugh, have sex, or exercise.
  • Hurt during sex.

Treatment for Prolapse :

The type of treatment will depend on :

  • Which organ has stirred (prolapse type) and how extreme (prolapse stage).
  • Age, health and medical past.
  • Whether you desire to have (further) children.

Additional of these healing options :

Lifestyle changes: to end doing the effects that may reason the prolapse or make it poorer. This can contain lose weight, quit smoking, eating and drinking in a different way, and lifting a smaller amount. These adjust aspire to repair prolapse.
Physiotherapy: to make stronger the pelvic floor that chains your organs. A physiotherapist can plan a special pelvic exercise program for you. Physiotherapy aims to repair prolapse.
Pessary: that is located inside your vagina to embrace up the prolapsed organ. Pessary doesn’t repair prolapse but they can decrease or diminish the symptoms of prolapse and aid you live more happily.
Surgery: to fix the prolonged pelvic floor. There are more than a few kinds of prolapse surgery but all of them attempt to repair the prolapse and avoid it from occurring again. A number of surgeries will indicate you can no longer have children.

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