Urologic oncology has fielded that diagnosis and treatments of tumor of urinary systems. It generally takes care of patients with prostate cancer, kidney, testicular and bladder cancer. Physicians that are skilled in this field are called uro-oncologists. Doctor Sudhir Chawla is board certified in uro-oncology in Indore.
Urologic oncology interests the surgical treatment of malignant diseases .treatment type is surgical or medical. Most urologic oncologist in western countries takes techniques to conduct amenable to surgical management.

Diseases processes that are followed in uro-oncosurgery are:

Prostate cancer: Prostate cancer is most common cancer in men. Early detection and diagnosis can help patients to overcome it. Surgery is the only action that removes the prostate gland. In all other ways, the prostate gland stays inside the patient.

Bladder cancer: The best way to diagnose it is through cystoscopy.by seeing inside the bladder and having a biopsy of a lesion; pathologist can tell type balder cancer. Open radical cystectomy is the accepted care with a urinary diversion either ideal conduit.

Kidney cancer: Commonly diagnosed kidney cancer is renal cell carcinoma. Most of the tumors are accepted treatment options for diseases process. The advantage of uro-encosurgery is minimum blood loss, after faster recovery time with the comparable oncological outcome.

Partial nephrectomy: Nephron-sparing is usually taken when the tumor size is less than 4 cm if a contralateral kidney is not working well .pre planning to the surgery is a way to get recovered. Usually, if the mass is a small size, da vinci robotic prostatectomy could be helpful to remove the tumor.

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